Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dat Tutie, John Paul!

Yesterday John Paul helped me out in the afternoon, and I asked him how he got to be so big. He answered:

"Oh, Mama! I eat fings that are dood fo me, and den I vrow and vrow and vrow to be dis bid! See, as bid as the top of my head! You havva eat dood, healfy food to vrow bid like me!"

(TRANSLATION: "Oh, Mama! I eat things that are good for me, and then I grow and grow and grow to be this big! See, as big as the top of my head! You have to eat good, healthy food to grow big like me!")


I know it would be weird for a 25 year old man to talk like that, but I will be really sad when he can talk correctly.

Birthday Invitation

Last night Henry had a great fact, I wish I'd thought of it growing up!

HENRY: "Mom! I know who I want to invite to my birthday party!" (In August, mind you.)

ME: "Okay...who?"

HENRY: "Santa Claus! I mean, we invite him for Christmas and he brings a whole SACK of toys, so I will get EVERYTHING I want if I just ask him to come over!"

ME: "Ummm...not sure it works that way, honey."

HENRY: "Have you ever tried it?"

ME: "Nope."

HENRY: "Then you never know. You may like it, like that casserole I thought I didn't like, but you made me try it. And I like it."

Henry: 1, Mom: 0.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not For the Weak

I just finished feeding Will.

I sat him up to burp him, and he spit my eye.

And on my shirt.

Motherhood is not for the weak.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This happened way too fast...

Tonight, I was watching a rerun of America's Next Top Model when the boys came down from getting baths. The models were taking pictures wearing only bikinis.

Henry looked at me, then the TV, then told me,

"Mom, I think you need one of those shirts."

I said, "Umm...don't you like my Mom Shirts?"

He replied, "Well, actually, those are better. Sorry."

Apparently, at boy age 4.5, I need to start censoring my America's Next Top Model.

What happened to my little baby???

And...weird...boys are weird.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dad Would Be So Proud

At lunch today, while listening to a Pandora station of Disney & kid songs, a song came on about a boy named Walter who would do anything to waltz with bears. Henry asked me what a waltz was, and so I told him it is a type of dance, and then we got up and I showed him how to waltz. When we sat back down, I asked if he would ever waltz with bears. His reply:

"Oh, yeah! Cause then I could get them thinking about the dance, and then BAM! I could shoot 'em! That....that would be awesome."

*sigh* My apologies to Mother Nature.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brotherly Love

Brothers + one Lightning McQueen chair + Dinosaur Train = :-)



Poor John's very rare that our second son gets dessert.

I think it's because Matt and I are the Meanest Parents in the World and make him clean his plate if he wants any sweets.

I know what you're thinking...MEANIES.

Apparently, however, if I were to make chicken pot pie every night for the rest of his life, he could partake in a sundae FOREVER.

Hey...whatever it takes, right?!

(As you can see by the second picture...he kind of liked it.)