Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yesterday, Henry was having trouble staying in his room during Nap Time.

(FYI: I've realized that Nap Time should actually be called, "Mommy Recharge Time." Even if the kids don't sleep, I need about an hour to myself mid-day to make it through to the end.)

So, after getting up 4 times in 45 minutes, he came downstairs with me.

He wanted to watch TV. As punishment for not resting in his room, I said,

"Okay. You can watch my shows with me."


So, I turned 'Toddlers and Tiaras' on Netflix.

At first, he was mad. (After all, this was NOT Johnny Test.) Then, he sort of got into it. After about half-way through the episode, he goes,

"Mom! Can I go change real quick?"

I said it was alright, and he came down looking like this. Upon inquiry, he told me,

"Well, after watching that show, it made me want to look GOOOOOOOD. So, I put this on."

(Yes, he is wearing a yellow, plaid button-down shirt with gray track pants.)

When Matt came home and I retold the story, Matt's reaction was funny to me:

"HAHA! *Whew!* He watched a show about kiddie pageants, and this is what he thinks looks good! He's a total, clueless boy!"

Oh....my boys.

Oh, Jake...Too Smart for Your Own Good

Jake was told he had to "clean his plate" before he could have dessert.

Unfortunately, this is not what we meant.

But, his plate was technically clean...

It's a little scary to think he turns (only) 2 in July.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"I'll take it!"

There was a bit of a milestone in our house today.

I bought our first uniforms for school next year.

Henry was so excited that this afternoon when he tried on his shirt & shorts, he did NOT want to take them off.

He also wants to go to kindergarten next week...we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Right after he put on said uniform, John Paul woke up from his nap...sopping wet from an accident during nap time.

Needless to say, he was not exactly a happy camper.

Henry was, though.

HENRY: "John Paul! Look at my uniform! Don't I look awesome?! I totally look like a kindergartener! Don't you like my uniform? C'mon, JP! Say, 'Awwww....Henry!'"

JOHN PAUL: "Grrrrrrr...."


HENRY: "Well, that wasn't exactly exciting, but....I'll take it!!"

Friday, June 3, 2011



That is 365, as in 'days in a year,' times 3.

Which equals the number of times in a year that I sweep the kitchen floor in our house.

I'd now like to thank all my boys, but especially one named Jacob Daniel, for making this possible.

AND, on a happier note, HAPPY 6 MONTHS OLD to our own WILLIAM BENEDICT! We love you so much, Will! My life is happier that you are in it. You are a blessing to us all!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

All Boy

Yesterday on Seasame Street, Murray and his little lamb went to Irish Step Dancing School.

(I know...Seasame Street was WAY different when I was growing up. I feel so old.)

There were beautiful little girls in big, curly wigs doing very high kicks and fun little routines, as well as adorable little boys in suits doing very similar moves.

The boys were all entranced. They stared at the television, muttering phrases like, "Woah," "That's amazing," "Wow..."

I saw my window of opportunity. Perhaps, just perhaps, I could share my love of song, dance and the stage with my kids! Maybe they would also get the bug and want to share that part of me!!

So, towards the end of the segment, I asked the boys if they want to Irish Step Dance.

Henry just laughed, and John Paul said,

I pointed out that there were handsome little boys dancing, and again, I got the look like I had just returned from Mars. And John Paul, again, informed me that "we are not DURLS!"

I guess my hopes and dreams of having boys in show choir might be vanishing before my very eyes...so long, jazz hands. It was nice knowin' ya.