Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yesterday, Henry was having trouble staying in his room during Nap Time.

(FYI: I've realized that Nap Time should actually be called, "Mommy Recharge Time." Even if the kids don't sleep, I need about an hour to myself mid-day to make it through to the end.)

So, after getting up 4 times in 45 minutes, he came downstairs with me.

He wanted to watch TV. As punishment for not resting in his room, I said,

"Okay. You can watch my shows with me."


So, I turned 'Toddlers and Tiaras' on Netflix.

At first, he was mad. (After all, this was NOT Johnny Test.) Then, he sort of got into it. After about half-way through the episode, he goes,

"Mom! Can I go change real quick?"

I said it was alright, and he came down looking like this. Upon inquiry, he told me,

"Well, after watching that show, it made me want to look GOOOOOOOD. So, I put this on."

(Yes, he is wearing a yellow, plaid button-down shirt with gray track pants.)

When Matt came home and I retold the story, Matt's reaction was funny to me:

"HAHA! *Whew!* He watched a show about kiddie pageants, and this is what he thinks looks good! He's a total, clueless boy!"

Oh....my boys.

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