Thursday, June 2, 2011

All Boy

Yesterday on Seasame Street, Murray and his little lamb went to Irish Step Dancing School.

(I know...Seasame Street was WAY different when I was growing up. I feel so old.)

There were beautiful little girls in big, curly wigs doing very high kicks and fun little routines, as well as adorable little boys in suits doing very similar moves.

The boys were all entranced. They stared at the television, muttering phrases like, "Woah," "That's amazing," "Wow..."

I saw my window of opportunity. Perhaps, just perhaps, I could share my love of song, dance and the stage with my kids! Maybe they would also get the bug and want to share that part of me!!

So, towards the end of the segment, I asked the boys if they want to Irish Step Dance.

Henry just laughed, and John Paul said,

I pointed out that there were handsome little boys dancing, and again, I got the look like I had just returned from Mars. And John Paul, again, informed me that "we are not DURLS!"

I guess my hopes and dreams of having boys in show choir might be vanishing before my very long, jazz hands. It was nice knowin' ya.

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