Monday, December 12, 2011

The Laundry Elf

I hate laundry.

Inevitably, I get at least a week behind on folding, so then I'm stuck with massive heaps of everyone's wrinkly t-shirts and underthings that stress me out just looking at the piles, let alone jumping in and just folding them so I will be done with it.


See, that's really why I hate laundry...not only is it a HUGE undertaking for 6 people, but as soon as it's done, you get to do it ALL OVER AGAIN.

The other night, I told Henry that laundry is my least favorite Mommy Job.

I explained that I LOVELOVELOVE being a mom, and that my favorite things are getting to play with the boys, and cooking with them, and just loving on them every day.

Conversely, I hate laundry.

I then went on to tell Henry that for Christmas, what I really want is a Laundry Elf.

I'd just like a little magic man that lives in a box and once a week I could wake him up and he would fold and put away all our laundry. I could just eat some pie and take a nap. Then the horrible chore would be finished upon my waking.

Henry started crying.


I asked what was wrong, and he said,

"I want to get that for you, but I don't know how to make a magic elf!...and I can't even make pie!"

It made me realize two things:

1.) My kids are just a little too young for sarcasm and fantiastical ideas, and

2.) I really am the luckiest mom in the world, that my son was so upset that he couldn't get me my magic elf. Or pie.

I guess I don't really need an elf, anyway.
(...unless, Matt, you're reading this and are considering a Merry Maid. I'd take one of those.)

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