Tuesday, September 4, 2012


During lunch today:

ME: "So, Jake, what did you do at preschool today?"

JAKE: "Nothing."

ME: "So...you just sat there and stared at each other for two hours?"

JAKE: "Well, maybe I played with Ethan. But, really, that's about it."

ME: "Did you do anything at Circle Time?"

JAKE: "Nope."

ME: "Did you talk about a letter, or maybe a number?"

JAKE: "Oh, yeah! We talked about eleventeen."

ME: "Great! That's my favorite number!"

JAKE: "It's a letter."

ME: "Oh. Well, anything else?"

JAKE: "Nope. But you know what's awesome?! Putting all the meat from your sandwich on your foots so your foots is cold! Like this!" (Shows me his meat feet.)

Ahhhh...the things I'm learning from my spirited child!

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