Friday, October 5, 2012


In 2008, when I was pregnant with John Paul, I was at Target looking at baby snow suits. JP was born in February, and we didn't know if he was a boy or girl. I found a really cute little boy suit that is dark blue with light blue stripes. It was even on the clearance rack! I grabbed it right away...and then, hanging right next to the blue suit, was a white snow suit with pink and purple polka dots. I got so excited! I bought both, "just in case."

This snow suit has become a running joke in our house. Matt has wanted me, multiple times, to give it away as a shower gift, but I held strong. It was my little shred of hope that one day we'd see our daughter wearing the famed suit.

And, FINALLY...four years later, I got to put Olivia in the suit.

It's hard to imagine how I could be more blessed.

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