Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun First Friday

The weather today was so great that it made me not want to miss even one second of it -- it was one of those handful of days each year that is pretty close to perfect.

So, the boys and I had a marathon day to soak up the sheer awesomeness that God gifted us!

We started out by going to Mass, which was doubly great because we got to see Henry.

Then, we met Matt for lunch in Warsaw for a picnic lunch by Winona Lake.

After we drove back to the old Fort of Fun, we picked up Henry from school and headed right up to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. Thanks to the FW Tourism Kiosk at Jefferson Pointe, we even rode the log ride & train for free. It was glorious!

Especially since I'm so pregnant right now (34 weeks) and it's been so deathly hot this summer, I haven't taken the time I wanted to to just enjoy the boys. We have been inside in the air conditioning most of the summer,
So to just enjoy God's creation and let the boys run and explore and just be was a fantastic day.

I'm so blessed.

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