Thursday, August 16, 2012

Henry's First Day of First Grade

When did he get so BIG???

All morning, Henry was so nervous about starting first grade.

He hadn't really said much about school starting, except that he was bummed that summer was over. Sounded pretty typical, and Matt and I agreed, but we didn't talk much about school actually starting.

Then...this morning...he was a BUNDLE of nerves.

After some Cheerios and chocolate chips, some pictures with Mom and Dad and some shaky hugs, I was able to take Henry to school, just the two of us.
(Matt very graciously stayed home a while so I could take him to school...what a guy!)

The whole way over to St. Elizabeth's, Henry was quiet and answered my questions with one-word answers.

Then, as we parked way over by the church (due to the high volume of parents walking their kids in for the first day) we held hands and started in on this new adventure.

On the way in to school, a group of 3rd and 4th graders saw us. They waved at me, and went CRAZY when they saw Henry! 

"Hi, Henry! How was your summer?? Want to play soccer at recess?" 

Henry. Lit. Up.

Suddenly, he was skipping down the hallway and up the stairs to Mrs. Peters' room.

As soon as we'd gotten to the door, we saw his best buddy, Finn...and, he was gone.

I had to call him back to get a picture with his teacher!

He found his desk all by himself, and barely said good-bye as I left him to begin the new year.
...Why is it that I want him to grow up, become an independent kid who loves God, his family and friends...but when it happens, I am a weepy mess??
Growing up is weird for everyone, I guess.

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