Sunday, August 5, 2012

Goodbye, Facebook!

"We just need to constantly remind each other of how amazing the life is that’s been put right in front of our noses," he concludes. "And the most interesting and worthwhile parts of this amazing life involve loving the people we’re privileged to have sitting right in front of us."

I've realized lately how disconnected I've become to my family. I've found myself to be really upset by certain posts on Facebook, and even more disappointed in the person(s) who posted it.

Why am I doing this to myself?!

I have realized that I am not presenting the best version of myself to the most important people in my life -- my husband and kids -- because I'm frustrated with virtual "friends."

While I truly believe that Facebook (and the internet, in general) can be excellent tools for growing into a better person, right now, I've accepted that it's doing just the opposite for me and my walk with Christ.

And, as if precisely on cue, there was a fantastic article in the National Catholic Register today with evidence to back up that decision.

I'm excited to use my little corner of the web to share my thoughts and daily adventures with Matt and the kids...and eliminate a little stress in the process.

And, maybe take that time I used to spend "Facebook stalking" friends to read another book to my kids, or sit on the back porch to watch the sunset over the neighboring farm with my husband.

You know...enjoy real life a little more.

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  1. Jessica, that took a lot of courage! And I think you made the right choice. There is a lot of negative bashing on facebook and it does get rather annoying after awhile. Enjoy this extra quality time you are creating with your family! I think it is great!