Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm thinking I should consider changing the name of this blog to "Adventures with Jacob."

So, this afternoon, Jake was banished asked to go to the basement so I could get some work done on the computer that I have been putting off for an upcoming retreat.

After coming upstairs many times and repeated threats that ranged from "lying down in your bed" to "I'll never let you have candy again," Jake finally came up looking sheepishly at me, telling me he had to use the bathroom.

He was in there for a while.

However, he denied he needed help.

So, he skipped out of the bathroom, looking all put together...surprisingly.

My little ninja bounced over to me for a hug....when I realized he smelled STRONGLY of Febreeze Air Freshener.

ME: "Jake...why do you smell like Febreeze?"

JAKE: "WHAT?! I don't smell like Febreeze!"

ME: "Yes, you do...did you spray it on you like perfume?"

JAKE: " to rub my arm)...after I missed the toilet and peed on the floor, I sprayed it in the mess to make it smell better. But don't worry: I cleaned it all up with Kleenex."

ME: (Looking at my arm he is now caressing) 
"Did you wash your hands?"

JAKE: " right back."


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