Friday, March 11, 2011

In Like a Lion...

This week has really tested my limits as a parent.

Last weekend, Jake & John Paul started to get sick. It was full-on by Monday evening, complete with "spitting up" and mega-disgusting blow-outs.

Tuesday morning, Matt left for Boston. It was Mom vs. The Sick Boys.

During the time Matt was gone, I changed sheets four times, changed countless way-yucky diapers and tried desperately to soothe four whiny, sick-o boys.

Tuesday evening, while washing said sheets, we left to go grab some Subway for dinner. (The thought of preparing another meal, eating another meal and cleaning another meal on my own sort of made ME want to throw up a little.) Upon returning home, we were greeted by water in our kitchen. The source of the new Lake Landrigan: the washing machine.

In tears, I called Matt, to which he responded we could get a new washer & dryer when he got home Wednesday evening. After going to Ash Wednesday Mass as a family. With four sick boys. And one stressed out Mama.

Wednesday afternoon, after more sickness (you're getting the hint, I'll spare the details) I get a text from Matt. His plane is running late, and he only has a 30 minute lay-over to make it from one flight to his final flight home. Pray for some "make-up" time in the air. I then get a phone call...not good. If it were good, he would text. This is a full-out phone call.

Silver Lining: the same plane he just rode from Providence, RI will continue to Fort Wayne, so the delay wasn't a big deal!

Bad News: maintenance repairs were causing an even BIGGER delay. happy were we to know Matt just flew in a plane that needed over an hour of repairs upon arriving in Detroit!

So long, Ash Wednesday Mass. There was no way Matt could make it home in time, and there was NO WAY I was going to try to get through Mass by myself with everyone in my house running to and from the bathroom like they were Olympic sprinters.

Here comes Thursday...Matt is now home, and so things should be easy, right? Well, not quite. After school, Henry gets a headache. And by headache, I mean "the worst migraine in the history of man." Bless his heart, he kept screaming, "MY HEAD IS GOING TO CRACK OPEN!" We had no medicine in the house to help him out.

John Paul still has the runs.

Jake & Will are now smiling. This is a step in the right direction.

Now, it is Friday. At almost 9am, Henry & Jake are still sleeping, and John Paul & Will are chilling out on the couch and swing, respectively.

Like they say of the month of March, this week came in like a lion. I am praying it goes out like a lamb.

Perhaps, when looking for blessings amidst all the stress, I should instead be thankful. I was by myself for much of the craziness this week. I know, I could still talk to Matt and I always have my family and the Landrigan's to turn to (I cannot thank them enough for this security!), but I only had God to turn to to keep it together and take care of my kids. I couldn't -- and didn't want to -- drop them off somewhere, and I couldn't ask my husband for help. I had to keep calm, get the job done and not gag, even though I wanted to...very badly at times.

All in all, not a bad way to start Lent. What better way to realize that I need to be better at coming to Him for help?

And, this weekend, I get a new washer & dryer. Hello, Silver Lining!

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  1. This reminds me, a little bit, of the story you told me about how your whole family puked all over the place once... didn't Jamie barf in your mom's mouth? And then everyone just went nuts?