Friday, March 25, 2011

Poor Little Guy...

The last couple of days have been sad.

Henry and John Paul were, today, diagnosed with double ear infections and eye infections requiring "pink swallow meds" and eye drops...that, unfortuantely, envoke the pain of 1,000 suns mixed with glass shards in one's eyeball. Or, at least, we assume that's what John Paul meant when he screamed for 45 minutes after dropping the meds in said eye.

Poor Little Guy...

This is after two nights ago, when he came into our room at midnight. He hadn't fallen asleep yet. He said his nose hurt. We got him to sleep, only to see his sad face again at 1:43am because he had an accident.

After a wardrobe change, he finished the night as the "cream filling" in our bed.

Until 6am.

Poor Little Guy...

He finally fell asleep yesterday afternoon for about an hour, when he then got up due to another accident. After a shower, a new set of pj's and a make-shift bed on the loveseat (so he could watch TV), he fell asleep.

But not before Nana dropped Henry off from school with a candy for John Paul & Jake.

JP fell asleep...with the candy in his hand....unbeknownst to Mom.

We had Fr. Drew, our parish Associate Pastor, over for dinner last evening. After the meal, I hear a small voice asking me to take off his clothes. Upon assessment, I notice we are now at accident #3.

I also assess the chocolate, all over the couch and all over the back of his footie jammies.

I told him I love him, asked him to come with me to change again, and then asked if he only went #1.

He said, "I fink so..." and then scratched his back, getting his hand in the chocolate.

His eyes POPPED open, he held out his hand and said, "Uh-oh...I guess I went #2!"

Poor Little Guy...

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