Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of Those Days

I'm starting to realize I use the phrase "It's just one of those days!" quite often.

However, I'm also realizing that it's becomming all-too-often that I use that phrase.

In reality, it's just a day. It's just that my life is CRA-ZAY.

Take today, for example.

Matt was up with Will from 1-3am. (I married a gem!)

We've been battling ear infections and pink eye in our house, so we were worried that our 4 month old wonder-baby had caught the dreaded ear junkies. Thankfully, we've been blessed with two amazing pediatricians in our family, one of whom is the kids' doctor, so after a quick call we were scheduled to come in at 11:30.

Henry has to be at school at 11:30.

It's a good thing I can bi-locate. No biggie.

JOKING! I called my mom to see if she could take Henry to school, but unfortunately she couldn't help out today. So, I dropped Henry off early with my mom (who happens to be the music teacher at our school, AMAZING) and buzzed off with the three youngers to the doc's office.

It turns out our little Will, indeed, as caught the ear yuckies. Sad day.

So, we ran to McDonald's for lunch (thanks, Dad!), got gas for the van (the light came on in the drive-through at MickeyD's), dropped off books and movies at the library (due today), swung by Bama & Bampa's to pick up some beef (we get fresh from my brother-in-law's parent's farm...it rocks) and then went to the drive-through pharmacy at CVS for another vat of amoxicillin.

I wish it came in vats. Or at least family packs. Either one would ROCK.

By the time we did all of that, unpacked kids, changed sheets from over-night accidents and laid down for naps, it was almost 2pm.

I celebrated the end of the insanity with some Mommy Time: feeding Will on the couch, by myself, watching Real Housewives. With a Diet Coke. Ahhhh.....

Yes, it was just a regular day in the life of Mama Landrigan. I'm guessing it will only get busier and busier...and I will have to pump up my cardio to keep up!

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